doTERRA has this really sweet program for Oil Lovers, Oil Sharers, and Biz Builders:

It’s called the Share Program because they hook you up like mad for all the sharing you do in your first 120 days. Here’s the lowdown:

  • For each person you help to enroll in the company, you earn Sharing points. If they enroll with 100pv, you earn 100 Sharing points. (Sharing points are different than Loyalty Rewards points or product volume.)
  • You can trade in your Sharing points for all kinds of cool products, even Tangerine essential oil, which they don’t offer elsewhere!
  • Even personal consumers can take part in the Share Program, since you earn Share points even if you’re not making a Loyalty Rewards Order (to qualify you for commissions).
  • But if you’re making a monthly Rewards order of 100pv? You’ll ALSO get 15% Fast Start commission, as well as other residual commissions are your new members stay members. This is ON TOP OF the Sharing points, people!
  • This means mad-crazy oils and mad-crazy moolah.

Here’s how OHH helps you maximize your first 120 days of sharing…

Step One:

We help you get enrolled in the program immediately so you don’t lose any time.

Step Two:

We help you learn about your oils and about the business right away, so you can start sharing confidently within days or weeks.

Step Three:

We teach you how to reach out to people you know without being annoying or pushy. We show you how to invite support, and not get yourself alienated.

Step Four:

We show you how to hold your first classes, often even helping you teach them! We also show you how to get more classes on the books, and expand your reach to help more people, organically.

Everyone’s pace is a little different but here’s a timeline of what your first 120 days generally looks like:

Days 1-3:

Enroll with us, get plugged into our community and connected with your Fairy Oil Parent, and access our Member Portals for learning and education on essential oils and building a business.

Days 3-10:

Receive your oils and sit down with your Fairy Oil Parent for a Membership Overview to go over using them safely and effectively. Continue learning how to use your oils and empower others with oil knowledge in our OHH community and Learning portal full of videos, oil info and training, business powwows, FAQs, etc. Start collecting business tools and talking about essential oils with friends and family.

Days 10-30:

Receive a Business Overview from your Fairy Oil Parent, create a Plan O’ Action, and put your first classes on the books (usually about 3 weeks out to give you enough time to share samples and invite well). Continue delving into training portals, and start one-on-one mentoring with Fairy Oil Parent to help you answer questions or feel confident in your knowledge and your action steps. Start sharing samples and inviting interested people to your first classes.

Days 30-45:

Hold your first classes with our help! We’ll show you how to “close” your class without pushy tactics, how to book classes from classes to amplify your time, how to followup after classes without being annoying, and how to support your new members with our guidance.

Days 45-120:

Lather, rinse, repeat! We’ll continue mentoring one-on-one and within our group powwows and business community, answering your questions and helping you get past the common obstacles and pitfalls that usually arise (including emotional blocks and fears that inevitably come up).

Day 121 (and beyond!)

Login and cash in them Share points, baby! At this point you’ll also be setup to continue receiving a residual income and we’ll show you how to build upon it each month to reach your financial goals. Woot!

Ready to jump in?

Reach out to the OHH team member who shared this page with you. If you weren’t invited from an OHH team member, then, learn more from the links below.

The Oil Lovers

These are the lovely people who just wanna use essential oils, get support from an amazing community, and get the best prices. You become what we call an “Oil Lover” and we plug you into our community for guidance and connection. No obligations to buy or sell. Just you, doing your thing, with a great crew in your corner.

Get the love now!

The Oil Sharers

Sharers are like Oil Lovers who took it one step further. They probably couldn’t stop talking about oils, so they began to share them with others. Their goal is mostly to spread the love, but hey, moolah isn’t bad either. Sharers invest up to 15 hours a week, and want to get their own oily addiction paid for, plus supplement their regular income.

Start sharing now!

The Business Builders

Builders are the people who love the oils, love to share, get a natural high from helping others, but they want to really delve all in and make this their full-time gig. They are ready to invest 20+ hours a week into building their oil biz, because they know it won’t be forever, and they see the potential in working with us to get there quickly and efficiently.

Get building now!