Why Our Community?

Okay, so you’ve decided that you’re definitely interested in working with essential oils, right? Now you’re probably wondering why build a natural wellness business with our Organic Home Health community. Good question. Lemme answer it.

Why Your Community Matters?

Choosing a community means choosing the people who wanna hang out with for the foreseeable future. And they say you’re the average of the 5 (or 5,000) people who hang with, so it’s important to choose wisely.

As you’re looking at essential oil communities, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are they about? What are their values as a community?
  • Who is their team made up of? What kind of experience and knowledge do they have?
  • What kind of support and guidance do they offer personal consumers?
  • What kind of support and training do they offer Sharers and Business Builders?
  • Do I “click” with them? Are they my kinda tribe?

If you’re looking into our community, here’s what you should know about us….

What We’re About

There are a few things our community stands for, and a few things we don’t. If you’re not down with these things, we won’t be a good fit.

  • Acceptance and appreciation for one another: We don’t get down with judgement or rudeness. It’s all about radical acts of kindness, meeting other’s where they are, honoring and respecting what works for them, and spreading love.
  • Education and empowerment: We’re not here to tell you what to do or become your external brain. There’s enough of that already in the healthcare industry, thankyouverymuch. We want to show you how you educate yourself to make your own decisions, using discernment and wisdom to navigate sticky situations, and learn to tune into your body, but not at the risk of alienating your doctor. We want to create a legion of confident, knowledgable, and encouraging Essential Oil Advocates, not a legion of followers who think we know it all and worship at our feet. (Although if you really want to, I take offerings of chocolate and hard cider.)
  • Authenticity: Right up there with acceptance and appreciation for others, we’re really big on accepting and appreciating ourselves too. Learning to love and honor our body (not hate on it), be yourself without apologies, and feel totally comfortable in your own skin is a message we share in everything we do.
  • Personal Growth: Life is like yoga….it’s gonna stretch you. As a life coach, I’ve built in all sorts of encouragement to make those stretchy moments a little less painful. You’ll see inspiration and wisdom for personal growth in my workshops, my posts, and my powwows.
  • Fun, fun, fun, fun: Laughter, joy, goofiness, good times, funny jokes, giveaways, challenges, get-togethers…it’s all about relationships and living better for our crew. And living better means enjoying it!
  • Prioritizing our family and our self-care: This is especially important for Business Builders who don’t want to turn into money-driven sleezebuckets. I will never, ever, ever encourage you to sacrifice your greater priorities to build a business. I WILL show you how to maintain your self-care practices and your family time and STILL build a successful business. It can be done.

If these things sound right up your alley, you’ll like it here. :)

Who Our Team is Made Up Of

We have literally thousands in our OHH community, and they rock in the diversity department. Many of them are moms, pops, and individuals just out to better their lives and offer up what they can for use by others. You’ll see them sharing stories, ideas, recipes, and inspiration every day in our online community. Then you have the bonafide Oil Junkies in the group. These are the ones committed to learning all they can about essential oils an their safety and usage, sometimes just for personal means and often because they are building an essential oil business and want to do it wisely.

Our community is also comprised of countless experts in different fields: life coaches, health coaches, nutritionists, physicians, pediatricians, midwives, nurses, doulas, massage therapists, physical therapists, dentists, aromatherapists, herbalists, veterinarians, and on and on….they chime in to answer questions, share their knowledge, and help our community learn and grow.

This means you have thousands of passionate and caring individuals committed to your knowledge and growth as an essential oil user or business builder.

What We Offer Oil Lovers

On top of the environment we all work to create, and the community we all get to enjoy, there are also some other things we offer our new members:

  • A fully stocked Learning Portal jammed with training modules, FAQs, recipes, how-to’s precautions, ideas, books, resources, and more to help you educate yourself piece by piece.
  • A personalized Membership Overview to show you how to maximize your membership, use your products, and learn your precautions.
  • A Fairy Oil Parent in your corner for urgent questions or personal support and accountability
  • Free e-guides from our community, including things like Digging Deep, or guides to help you eat better, cheaper
  • Community health challenges and giveaways, just for you, just for fun
  • Ongoing classes and workshops to keep you learning and growing

What We Offer Oil Sharers and Business Builders

Sharers and Builders on our team obviously get all the goods that our Oil Lovers receive above, because we want you a) loving your oils so you’re sharing them authentically, and b) always learning and growing in your product knowledge.

On top of our product support and training, we also offer:

  • A separate community just for builders to ask questions, share ideas, and get encouraged
  • A separate Business portal full of the materials, tools, books, videos, FAQS, and training you need to authentically, effectively, and properly share essential oils and build your business
  • Group mentoring each week to cover new topics, answer questions, or help you through blocks and fears
  • One-on-one mentoring with your Fairy Oil Parent to give you personalized support as you work through the stages of your business
  • Help and guidance teaching your first classes, so you don’t feel terrified of messy it up
  • Mentoring and support as you learn to nurture your new members in the same ways
  • Accountability to ensure you maintain your priorities, your authenticity, your self-care, and your values as you grow

Does it sound like OHH is for you?

Contact the OHH team member who shared this page with you, or read more about your options below.

The Oil Lovers

These are the lovely people who just wanna use essential oils, get support from an amazing community, and get the best prices. You become what’s called a “Wellness Advocate” and we plug you into our community for guidance and connection. No obligations to buy or sell. Just you, doing your thing, with a great crew in your corner.

Get the love now!

The Oil Sharers

These are like Oil Lovers who took it one step further. They probably couldn’t stop talking about oils, so they began to share them with others. Their goal is mostly to spread the love, but hey, moolah isn’t bad either. Sharers invest up to 15 hours a week, and want to get their own oily addiction paid for, plus supplement their regular income.

Start sharing now!

The Business Builders

Builders are the people who love the oils, love to share, get a natural high from helping others, but they want to really delve all in and make this their full-time gig. They are ready to invest 20+ hours a week into building their oil biz, because they know it won’t be forever, and they see the potential in working with us to get there quickly and efficiently.

Get building now!