“Why doTERRA?”

I get asked all the time why I chose to go with doTERRA for my oils and/or business, so I created this page – and I constantly add to it – to share the many reasons why I prefer their oils, their integrity, and their business opportunity.

Scroll through this whole page to get a better picture for yourself on the following category of thing:

  • The Quality of Their Oils
  • Commitment to Indigenous or Biologically Appropriate Farming
  • Co-Impact Sourcing
  • Healing Hands Foundation
  • Their Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan
  • Things you only learn by lurking around a few years….

And most importantly, experience the oils for yourself. Because although I’m totally biased toward doTERRA, I still prefer you making up your own mind!

The Quality of Their Oils

So here’s the rub…There are no regulations or certifications when it comes to essential oils. Even doTERRA’s trademark, “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”, is an unregulated term. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have meaning. When doTERRA came on the scene we were (and still are) seeing issues like diminishing or unreliable quality in the oils hitting markets, adulteration or contamination, or even unsustainable practices that brought up serious moral and ethical concerns. doTERRA wanted to start a company that was consistent in their standards, one that was willing to lose money rather than sell a subpar batch of oil. This means they had to create higher standards for their oils, regulating how a plant was grown, harvested, distilled, and delivered in stricter ways. CPTG has come to stand for many things, most of all, reliability and trust.


With doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils you are getting a commitment to:

  • The use of research-backed plant varieties
  • The growing of plants without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides (far beyond organic certification)
  • Precise harvesting practices, unique to each plant (did you know some plants have to be hand-picked or harvested right after it rains?)
  • Exact and careful distillation using the right temperature, time, and pressure unique to each plant
  • Never any fillers, adulterants, or improper plant parts
  • Multiple rounds of third-party testing of each and every batch to ensure the healthiest essential oil possible

These things are serious problems in other companies. Some companies will only test their oils on occasion, never knowing that their distiller has started cutting their oils to make a buck. Or their tests aren’t comprehensive enough, or done by knowledgable chemists, and so synthetic additives might not be found. Some companies only utilize in-house labs, creating a lack of trust in the industry. While companies are found bribing their chemists to falsify documents on quality, doTERRA is paying big bucks to have chemists tell them how they can keep improving. This video by a highly respected third-party chemist in the essential oil industry, Dr. Robert Pappas, who recently spoke at doTERRA’s convention, explains how these things have been an issue for many companies he works with.

Commitment to Indigenous or Biologically Appropriate Farming

But you know what’s really cool? Something that only doTERRA does, and something they refuse to budge on, despite receiving criticism for doing it? They grow plants only in the areas where they are biologically appropriate.

Have you ever tried to grow a garden? Rule #1 is finding the right plants for your region, right? If I, living in Florida, tried to grow a plant that thrives in cold weather, I wouldn’t even be able to call that gardening. I might call it Wishful Thinking. Or Freaking Hilarious. Or What Was I Thinking. But I wouldn’t call it successful. No amount of soil amendments or greenhouses can make up for a plant growing where it’s not meant to grow. Soil conditions, weather patterns, temperatures, rainfall, altitude….all of these things nurture a plant to its healthiest, and thus create an oil of its fullest potential. Oils not grown in this way have different chemical compounds, different properties, and produce a different quality.

Co-Impact Sourcing

And then there’s this. And this is big. BIG, people. Fair Trade is huge right now, and since doTERRA works with growers around the world, their commitment to fair practices was one of the first things I wanted to know about. And they more than delivered. You see, doTERRA knew the company could only be as healthy as the people they worked with.  And when you’re sourcing things like Vetiver from Haiti or Cardamom from Guatemala, you’re already working with some pretty unhealthy economies and struggling communities. In order for doTERRA to be able to continue delivering CPTG quality oils, they knew they had to make a difference in the communities that grew these plants. Before Co-Impact Sourcing initiatives were in place you’d have growers unable to make a fair wage because of the middle men who needed to do the distilling. Or you’d see a lack of training lead to a lack of quality in the plant material being harvested. Or perhaps saddest of all, with growers only being paid when plants are harvested, they would be forced to harvest too soon. In an effort just to care for their families, they would produce poor quality oil that only cheap companies would pay cheap prices for. It’s a vicious cycle that doTERRA wanted to help break.

doTERRA helped growers cut out the middle men by helping them get the equipment and the skills to distill their own oils. They offer training to increase the skill and knowledge of growers. And they did something no one else is doing…they pay their growers a higher wage and on a schedule that allowed them to not live in Feast or Famine conditions most of the year. This all results in a higher quality oil that doTERRA pays a higher dollar amount for and creates not only sustainable farming practices but also a lasting partnership between growers and the company.

Knowing that doTERRA has this commitment, and that with every oil I buy I’m impacting hundreds of lives, is huge for me. I can’t get behind a product or a company that doesn’t align itself with integrity and these kinds of values.

Their model of Co-Impact Sourcing is even getting attention from places like Forbes! Check out the middle video below!

Healing Hands

Healing Hands is doTERRA’s non-profit organization created to give back to communities. They partner with organizations such as Choice Humanitarian, Days for Girls (loooooove this one!), and Mentors International to improve lives through ending hunger, providing feminine care products to young girls who often leave school when they start puberty, and offering micro-loans to micro businesses around the world in efforts to end poverty. I love this about doTERRA. They work charity and giving back into everything they do: They offer products that give 100% of proceeds to Healing Hands Every event they have includes opportunities to donate to Healing Hands. Even during the 2015 incentive trip to Jamaica (basically a big doTERRA vacation + party) they included a Volunteerism Day to support the local community.

And they continue to expand on their growing list of efforts, in order to make a difference and encourage others to do the same. And the coolest? doTERRA covers 100% of the administrative costs themselves, so that every dollar donated goes directly to those in need. (You can donate $20 to Healing Hands by buying their Rose hand lotion, btw. Dooo eeeeet!)

Their Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan

As a business builder, this part is important too. While other companies are making it hard for their business builders to earn a living, doTERRA stepped in with a commitment to make it easier. Because they knew they could only be successful if their Wellness Advocates could be successful. While other companies pay their members late, or even sadly, sometimes not at all, doTERRA has never done that. They even went without a salary in their first two years in order to ensure the longevity of the company, but they never once made their business builders wait or withhold a check. And they pay out better than other companies as well:

  • They offer an ascending compensation plan, which pays you a higher percentage on the levels where you have the most members (most companies pay you the least on these levels)
  • They have lower volumes needed to receive bonuses and Leadership pools, meaning you can reach higher ranks, faster
  • They have a higher retention rate than any other I’ve seen (65% quarterly)
  • And because of these things they have more members reaching higher ranks than other companies

And what do they do when you reach those higher ranks? They encourage you to pay it forward. They offer volunteerism trips and opportunities to travel the world donating time and energy to helping others. Because still, at the heart of this company, the mission is not to make money, but to make a difference. And that kind of integrity is infectious.

(If you’re interested in the business side of things, I would read more here. If you’re not, just know that all this means that doTERRA takes care of their peeps so that they can take care of you. Even Forbes says so!)

Things you only learn by lurking around a few years….

And then there are the things you pick up in conversations with the executive team, or the behind-the-scenes people, or the other Wellness Advocates in doTERRA. Things you won’t see on their website, but you will see in action if you hang around. Did you know… 

  • doTERRA could’ve sought out professional MLMers, like most networking marketing startups do, to build doTERRA. Instead they sought out families, mothers specifically, with very little experience but hearts of gold and a desire to help others, because that’s the kind of energy they wanted this company based around.
  • The executive team rolls up their sleeves and gets their hands dirty building schools or digging wells or feeding the hungry. (Did ya see the pics above?) Because giving back is the point of this thing for them.
  • One of the Executive Team programmed his phone numbering my phone (not naming names!) and told me, even when I was still a small rank and totally unknown, that I could text him anytime with tough questions.
  • The Exec team shared one administrative assistant for about 4 years, because they wanted to cut costs to prioritize quality assurance and company growth.
  • There is never any pressure to “live a glamorous lifestyle” once you hit a high rank with doTERRA. While other companies want you to flaunt your money, or give you a fancy car, doTERRA encourages you to live simply, and give as much as you can to others.
  • Even at high level business retreats from doTERRA, there was never an emphasis on “making money”….it was still all about making a difference, showing up to serve, prioritizing your family time, and honoring your self-care.
  • In fact, Wellness Advocates in doTERRA joke that it’s a personal growth program masquerading as an essential oil company, because of the amount of encouragement and discussion around being a better person, partner, and parent, not being a better salesperson.
  • doTERRA partners with government officials, congresspeople, and senators, supports S.T.E.M. programs, and works with scientists and researchers to increase our knowledge of oils, because they want to bring essential oils mainstream and they’ll climb any obstacles to do it.
  • Oh. They grew to be a billion dollar company one year faster than Apple? No joke. You can’t do that without a product people see the difference in.
  • When they brought on Dr Carsten Smidt, Chief Science Advisor with a PhD in nutrition and physiological chemistry, to reformulate their supplement line, he said they were the first company that actually encouraged him to follow up-to-date science, safe and healthy guidelines, and create the kind of supplements he himself wanted to take. I pretty much love that.
  • I also love that they started as a debt-free company, are a debt-free company today, and started doTERRA Free to Give as a way to encourage debt-free financial freedom and wisdom for their members too. 
  • Oh and I can’t forget to mention their micro-loan program in partnership with Mentors International for developing communities around the world. I’m a big-time fan of the micro-loan philosophy, how it empowers individuals or families to change their lives and communities.
  • Or how about how many doTERRA Diamonds and above go on to start their own charities, doing things like donating first aid kits around the world, helping families afford to adopt, and much more.
  • And although this might sound little, I hear a lot about how awesome and up-to-date even the packaging is, and how that spoke of a company keeping up with the times.
  • Oh and customer service….oh my goodness, how wonderful customer service is. If you ever have to call in you’ll be greeted by a genuinely happy person who goes above and beyond to help you (must be the oils they pump through the ventilation – wish they did this in ever call center around the world!).
  • Speaking of customer service…Countless people who held down a 9-to-5 in doTERRA Corporate Headquarters have turned in a 2 week notice to leave their desk job, with a Wellness Advocate Enrollment Form in order build a doTERRA business as a Wellness Advocate instead. 
  • They are constantly working to give back to their community, such as always holding their convention locally to support their local economy, or helping build the new Autism center at Utah Valley University
  • They even decorate their walls with art from the beneficiaries of their Healing Hands organization
  • And if you ask our team? They’ll tell you it’s the culture of doTERRA….THE PEOPLE. The friendliness and kindness and genuine energy of caring that is palpable and makes you want to be a better person too. The way they’ve got your back and cheer you on and never, ever let you underestimate yourself. Or maybe that’s just our team. 😉

All of these things, and so much more, have created a retention rate over 4x higher than the industry standard (this means that 78% of doTERRA members stay doTERRA members year after year, 65% of them purchase at least once every 3 months, and our personal Organic Home Health retention rates are even higher because of the support and community we offer) and helped them grow to be the largest essential oil company in just 5 years, and the fastest growing company of all time.

You can’t do that without a product people love from a company people are proud to get behind.

Does doTERRA totally seem like your jam?

If you’re loving what you see and want to get involved, you’ve got 2 options. 

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