It’s no secret that I’m a sunshine and hot weather girl. It’s part of why we settled in Florida after all those years traveling the country. Because there are a lot of beautiful locations in the US, but most of them mention snow in their contract.

Unfortunately these (freaking gorgeous) white snow beaches stopped me from realizing that Northwest Florida is really still Alabama, which means winter has been too cold for me. Everyone says it’s abnormally cold, but two winters in a row and I’m beginning to think they’re big fat liars. Or that climate change is on a roll. #obviouslythelatter

I don’t normally like smoothies in the winter – too cold. But sometimes I need something that isn’t root vegetables and soups and stews, you know? So, I pull up the space heater in order to sip it. 😉

Be careful when adding the lemon essential oil! Lemon can come out very quickly and you can easily end up with waaaaaaaay more than you want. Try tilting it just a little, or add a dropper to the bottle instead (dropper drops tend to be a bigger quantity though, so you might want to use less in that case).

Usually when I’ve been eating like crap (ahem, December) or had too much to drink (ahem, NYE) this is the exact smoothie I crave. Between the antioxidants and the lemon EO, I find it helps jumpstart my digestion and my body’s cleansing mechanisms. Plus, when I’ve been eating like crap I tend to start craving sugar, and this satisfies that before I start begging for Milky Ways. Actually, frozen pineapple chunks tend to be one of my favorite late night snacks when I’m craving sweets. So good!

What’s your favorite smoothie ingredient?

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