You know that feeling of your emotions being in control of you, instead of the other way around?

Yeah, that feeling sucks. And it can feel really overwhelming to change it when that emotion center of our brain feels so automatic. But it’s not automatic. And aroma is an incredible tool that gives us an access route to influence thoughts, beliefs, and emotions in fast and powerful ways.

That’s why I put together this workshop on my FAVORITE oil topic. I wanna show you…

  • What doTERRA essential oils are and how exactly they work with the limbic system (the emotion center of the brain)
  • Which essential oils will help you walk through grief, overwhelm, stress, anger, fear, and other big experiences
  • How exactly I used oils to move beyond self-doubt, fears of playing bigger, or other limiting beliefs
  • Which oils can help you establish healthy boundaries and release toxic relationships
  • The absolute best and most impactful ways to use oils for emotions (in order of efficacy)
  • Plus, personal growth tools to couple with oil usage and more…

You’ll also receive two free downloadable guides to help you get started in a simple, non-overwhelming way: Essential Guide to Inner Wellness and 101 Uses for the Three Most Common Oils, plus other bonus info from me and my oily Organic Home Health community.

  P.S. There is NO cost to join us and I won’t sell your email. You’ll receive info on how to access the webinar via any device, reminders so you don’t forget, an email with the recording of the call (in case you want to access it later), and then the occasional email with things like the “Oil of the Week” or new workshops you might like. You can unsubscribe for updates and future info at any time. No hard feelings, promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this workshop free?

Yup! 100% free oil education for anyone, whether you’re a part of our oil community or another. 🙂

Is the workshop live?

The original workshop was recorded live, and what you’re now able to access is an exact replay of that workshop, including handy little downloads and conversations happening in chat. You can even ask your own questions in the chat and we’ll come back to you later via email to answer them (just be patient with us, as that can sometimes take us some time).

How long does the workshop last? Do I have to attend live?

The workshop is a little over an hour in total. When you register you’ll have the chance to watch it live with other live participants (as well as see the replay that includes conversation from previous participants – it’s like half live, half ghost technology!), or you’ll get access to watch the recording for two days past the replay time. If you miss both the “live” version and the recording, you can always re-register for the next one.

How and when do I access the workshop?

Click any of the buttons (above or below), and you’ll see the time and place for the next workshop converted into YOUR time zone. You’ll register with your email and receive the access info. You’ll also receive a confirmation by email for added goodies and training notifications, so be sure to look for that one too!

What exactly is covered in the workshop?

Along with my introduction, naturally, this workshop talks about the limbic system and our thoughts and emotions, as well as how aroma impacts those things in positive ways. I talk in the workshop about some of my favorite blends and when and how you use them for emotional support, and there is a PDF you will have the ability to download DURING the workshop with additional favorite oils for emotions. I also explain how doTERRA works and how to get the best value when you order oils, as well as answer questions that were posed during the webinar.

How and where do I find the free downloadable guides?

Once you register for the workshop you’ll receive a few confirmation emails. You’ll need to confirm each one to get all the guides. One will come by email (the 101 Uses guide) and the other will be found DURING the workshop…you’ll see a little notification where you can click to download the Inner Wellness guide. If you don’t confirm those emails or attend the workshop you won’t get the guides, so be sure to follow all the steps!



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