Teri and Mic

Michael (Mick) and Teri Wielgorecki are just your common everyday middle-aged empty-nesters (most of the time). As middle age approached and brought unexpected health topics, they began exploring more natural options to maintain their health. About this time, they were introduced to doTERRA essential oils by their daughter (that would be Tara!). Not realizing what they had in their hands, they began buying and using the oils simply to support their children, but were immediately impressed (Amazed? Astounded?) by how the oils were supporting THEM. They use essential oils for everything from A to Z: supporting respiratory health, digestive wellness, lifting their mood, enhancing sleep, household cleaning, and much, much more.

Mick and Teri believe that not only are essential oils a gift of the Earth, but also a Gift From God. “The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains.” They are passionate about spreading that gift to their family and friends, particularly enjoying encouraging young parents in their pursuit of a more natural lifestyle, and simply offering others a better way to feel better.

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