Kirsten Cruzen

Kirsten is a mother to two young girls, former teacher, and a child-nomad who now has rooted down in NYC for over twelve years. She has had an interest in natural wellness and healthy living for many years, working with herbalists and acupuncturists to improve her own health. A little over a year ago she decided to try these oils that Tara was so excited about and instantly fell in love with Frankincense and other oils for emotional wellness. She wasn’t even sure how to use the other oils for physical wellness, but with the support of the OHH community and her favorite essential oil books, she began slowly experimenting whenever concerns came up in the family. Soon she was researching, ordering new oils, and telling everyone she knew about them. Now doTERRA feels like part of the family, no one wants to live without them, and she continues to share with NYC and Orlando classes every month.

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