Janelle Thomas

Janelle Thomas is an Ecotherapist and Essential Oils Coach, living and adventuring in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, with her high school sweetheart (turned husband), their three wild boys, and the dog who started it all (aka Koda). After graduating from the University of Portland with a degree in Psychology, Janelle passionately pursued her interest in adventure therapy and found a variety of experiences that confirmed her belief that spending time in nature is absolutely essential to the health and happiness of all human beings.

Trusting that nature supports health and well-being, Janelle found her way to doTERRA essential oils while seeking a solution for her youngest son, who was experiencing night terrors. After trying a variety of natural solutions she was not sure where to turn next when she came across an intro to essential oils class that changed her world. Armed with Vetiver and Lavender, she was excited to put them to the test and so grateful to find that his body responded immediately to doTERRA’sĀ amazing oils. The end result was peace and well being (physically, mentally and emotionally) for every member of her family. The effectiveness of these essential oils, aligned with her belief that nature only knows balance. Excited about the possibilities, she spent the next few years researching, experimenting, and weaving these gifts of the earth, into every aspect of her families life.

Currently, Janelle spends much of her day engaging with her three homeschooling children and practicing gratitude for the abundance of time they spend in nature. Most often, they can be found skiing, hiking, or biking through the Mt. Hood National Forest with their Essential Oil Trail Kit tucked safely in a backpack. Inspired and driven to share all she has learned, Janelle teaches a variety of workshops that empower other families to re-connect with nature, so they too can balance their bodies, calm their minds, and strengthen their relationships.

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