Christy Serafini-Sheffield has been practicing professionally as a Certified Holistic Health Coach since September of 2014 with a previous background in Child and Family Therapy. Long before earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work, Christy had a heart for helping people and that desire continues as she incorporates it into her coaching practice. Her focus as a practitioner changed when as a therapist and as an individual suffering with chronic health issues, she noticed the undeniable relationship between adequate nutrition, mental health, and physical health. That observation led her to delve into extensive self-study in the area and later to pursue a certification in Holistic Health Coaching. She now coaches people to find their best wellness by encouraging balance within many realms of life: adequate & sustainable nutrition, career, relationships, spirituality, and physical activity.

Christy’s individual health journey impacted much of her work today. Christy began to take her wellness into her own hands. After a year of dietary changes and incorporation of doTERRA essential oils, she was able to experience more health than ever before. Learning from her own experiences and witnessing the amazing results of others, Christy became passionate about sharing her fervor for empowering people to take back their and their loved ones’ health through a variety of approaches.

Christy chose to incorporate doTERRA throughout her program of coaching because of the astounding personal results experienced and the company’s continued commitment to oil purity (and thus effectiveness), sustainable growing/harvesting methods, and fair wages for ALL involved. She lives with her husband in the beautiful, bluegrass state with their two dogs Magnolia Mae and Olive. She is a local food junkie and can often be found at her second home, Community Farmers Market. She enjoys laid-back evenings full with good food, deep conversations, and a warm mug of coffee.

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