Welcome to Affirmations and Essential Oils! Every Monday I take on a personal challenge and offer you up the oils, affirmations, and practices to find emotional freedom and joy again. Because, joy. It’s amazeballs.

“Not enough time” is the zombie apocalypse of our generation. No really, think about it: it’s the one real epidemic that has us all shuffling around, moaning and groaning, and not getting a damn thing done. And anytime someone offers a new gadget or e-course or app or fancy plan-my-life binder for time management we practically trample each other to get at the brains of it.

No? Okay fine. But it IS an epidemic. I’m guilty of it too, although I want to kick my own shin every time I say I don’t have time for something. It’s become a scapegoat that no one will argue with, an easy way out of obligations we don’t want to take on.

And for that I thank it. “Not enough time” was the excuse we gave ourselves to hire a meal delivery service (best. decision. ever.). It’s how I get out of cleaning toilets. But it’s also how I trap myself in an endless cycle of frustration, overwhelm, and suffering. And suffering is no bueno. Screw suffering. And screw our supposed lack of time.

The truth is we have SO MUCH TIME. We have a lifetime of it! But we’re just not very good at using it. We suck at prioritizing the things that enable us to accomplish what we reallyreallyreally want and deeply need. We suck at saying no to the things that fall outside our “zone of genius” (have you read that book?). We take on all the wrong things and neglect all the best things. We commit to things – including careers – we abso-freaking-lutely LOATHE all in the name of “Should” and “Have-to” and “It’s-expected” or “be-realistic”.

Here’s the other truth about taking back our time: It’s a process. It’s a process of examining our habits and rooting out the ones that don’t serve us, or examining our beliefs and replacing them with helpful ones. It’s a process of making real-life changes to our schedules and our commitments, slowly letting go of the things that aren’t working and consistently – CONSISTENTLY I SAY – honoring and valuing our needs and our real priorities.

(I say real priorities because it’s very common that we say our family or our art or our life or our health is our highest priority, but if that “priority” constantly gets shuffled to the bottom of the list, it’s actually not our priority. It’s our ideal. Our real priorities are the things that we make happen each and every day…not just when we “have enough time”. What do you make happen each and every day?)

So “having enough time” comes down to a few things:

  • Prioritizing your actual priorities (starting with self-care)
  • Honoring your boundaries
  • Saying no when it matters
  • Slowing down and grounding yourself
  • Planning and executing that plan (self-discipline)

Essential Oils for “Not Enough Time”

Not enough time is a scarcity block, as well as often being about our boundaries and our self-worth. These are the oils I use when my BS starts to flare up, starting with my favorite.

  1. Wild Orange – The oil of abundance
  2. Bergamot – The oil of self-love
  3. Clove, Melaleuca, or OnGuard – for healthier boundaries
  4. TerraShield – this one helps to protect against Time Leachers (people who will gladly suck you dry) while you practice speaking up for yourself
  5. Balance – to help you center yourself
  6. InTune – for planning and clarity in the use of your time

Use one or more oils in your diffuser throughout the day, massage over the appropriate chakra or body area, use while journaling, or my favorite: Place a drop in your hands, rub together, cup over the nose and mouth, and breathe in deeply while using your affirmations below.

Affirmations for “Not Enough Time”

Affirmations are generally present-tense and positive, but more important than anything is that you FEEL them. Use these as-is, change them up in whatever ways fits you, add to or subtract from them…just make them meaningful and goosebumpy to you.

  • I choose to deeply and completely love, honor, and respect my needs.
  • I make time to fill my cup consistently and unapologetically.
  • It is safe for me to say “no”.
  • I am aligned with my higher purpose in all I do.
  • All things are taken care of in the perfect timing.
  • I work within my Zone of Genius each day.
  • It’s safe for me to ask for support.
  • It’s okay for me to outsource, hire, delegate, or let go of tasks completely.
  • As I let go, I create space for miracles to occur.
  • All our needs are met through support and teamwork.
  • I have the same amount of time as every great leader, speaker, or changemaker in the world.
  • I choose to use my time wisely each hour, day, week, and month.
  • Pockets of time keep opening up for me.
  • I am clear on my priorities and take care of them first.
  • I trust the process of Life.
  • I say “Yes” to what really matters.
  • I have more than enough time for the things that matter to me.

Use these affirmations daily, or just when you feel like your brains are exploding. Journal them 100x, say them out loud, and even find ways to work them into your conversations. (That could be fun. “You know, Sheila, I actually have more than enough time for the things that matter to me. But listening to the story of your colonoscopy isn’t one of those things.“)

Most importantly, every. single. time. your mind starts to spin into overwhelm, frustration, or suffering over the ideas of “not enough time”, answer those limiting thoughts with these affirmations. The more you use them, the more you reprogram your thought patterns, your habits, and thus your reality.

Share your favorite “time management” affirmations in the comments!