Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

Not to get all emo on you, but this kit makes me feel all the feels. Excited it exists, proud this company made it, overwhelmed with how powerful these blends are. Oh man. They are all kinds of good. If you’re into the emotional uses of oils, how they impact the limbic system, and how they make you feel, you’ll want this one. It includes:

  • 5ml bottles of these speciality blends: Motivate, Cheer, Passion, Forgive, Console, and Peace
  • doTERRA’s Petal Diffuser
  • And of course, your Welcome Packet

You also save $46 below wholesale with this kit, which basically makes the diffuser free. And did I mention how much I love it? These blends are so unique and complex and pow.er.ful. You’ll see. Read more here.

This kit begins your optional Loyalty Rewards at 10% back.


Investment: $195 USD (includes all member perks)