Diamond Kit

The Diamond Kit is one BIG mamma-jamma! It is ideal for serious health advocates, big families, or those ready to jump into the business in the most serious way. The Diamond Kit includes almost everything our company has to offer, plus tools to help you share your oils with others and earn back your investment.

It includes:

  • 60+ essential oil singles and blends (each oil they offer)
  • Dozens of products for your body, family, and home
  • FREE Diffuser, Canvas carrying case, Essential Oil Kits, Intro Kit, sample/travel vials, and more (find the full list here)

The Diamond Kit also qualifies for Fast Track bonuses! This means when you go to replenish your favorites oils or try new products with a 100pv Loyalty Rewards order the following month, you’ll be starting off with a 25% accrual rate on your future orders (meaning 25% of your order comes back to you as product credit), and will receive 400pv back in free product credits (equivalent to $400 in essential oils!!) to use anytime during the year!

Investment: $2500 USD (includes all member perks)
You’ll save up to an additional $730-1,130 with this kit!