Athlete + Kit

This is almost one of my faves (I’l explain why below). It’s great for active people, or anyone needing to support joint and muscle health. It’s a great kit for its diversity in products, kinda like a smaller version of the Natural Solutions kit. It includes:

  • 5ml bottles of doTERRA’s Breathe, OnGuard, Lavender, Melaleuca, and Peppermint
  • Deep Blue Rub (sooooo amazing for muscles and joints!)
  • Daily Nutrient Pack (similar to Lifelong Vitality), plus Deep Blue Polyphenols and Mito2Max

Like I said, it’s almost a fave. I do wish it had a full Lifelong Vitality pack, instead of the two-fer (although the added supplements almost make up for the missing Alpha CRS), and if it came with a bottle of Frankincense, I think I’d be in love. But for a more moderate starter kit, it’s a really great selection, and you can always add what you don’t get to a Loyalty Rewards order to make it budget-friendly!

This kit begins your optional Loyalty Rewards at 10% back.

Investment: $195 USD (includes all member perks)