When you’re getting started with essential oils, choosing a starter kits is the preferred way to go.

By choosing a starter kit, you:

Below are the many starter kits to choose from, what they include, and any bonuses that come with them. (Look for the two favorite kits!)

Choose Your Favorite Starter Kit!

Or Create Your Own Kit!

This option gives you a great way to customize your first order to your exact needs. With a $35 starter fee, you can create your own kit choosing 100pv (roughly $100) of your favorite essential oils and products. With this option, you'll get the same 25% member discount on this order and all the same member perks from your oil community!

Want A Side-By-Side?

Alright, I know all that is a LOT to take in, so how about something simple to break it down a bit….

  Family Physician Cleanse & Restore Athlete’s Emotional Aromatherapy Home Essentials Natural Solutions Every Oil Diamond
Product Value 110pv 125pv 125pv 145pv 225pv 400pv 1400pv 2000pv
12 Month Membership
Intro Packet
Membership Overview
Private FB Groups
OHH Goodies
Carrier Oil          
Carrying Box/Case        
Business Tools              
Bonus Credits           100 points 200 points 400 points
Rewards Program Starting % 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 15% 20% 25%
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3 ways to join us

You’ve got options! And who doesn’t love options? In general, we find our community has 3 types of people, and we welcome them all.

The Oil Lovers

These are the lovely people who just wanna use essential oils, get support from an amazing community, and get the best prices. You become a member with doTERRA and we plug you into our community for guidance and connection. No obligations to buy or sell. Just you, doing your thing, with a great crew and even some sweet Fairy Oil Parents in your corner.

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The Oil Sharers

Sharers are Oil Lovers who took it one step further. They probably couldn’t stop talking about oils, so they began to share them with others. Their goal is mostly to spread the love, but hey, moolah isn’t bad either. Sharers invest up to 15 hours a week, and usually want to get their own oily addiction paid for, or even supplement their regular income.

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The Business Builders

Builders are the people who love the oils, love to share, get a natural high from helping others, but they want to really delve all in and make this their full-time gig. They are ready to invest 20+ hours a week into building their oil biz, because they know they’re committed, and they see the potential in working with us to reach their goals quickly and efficiently.

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