Welcome to Affirmations and Essential Oils! Every Monday I take on a personal challenge and offer you up the oils, affirmations, and practices to find emotional freedom and joy again. Because, joy. It’s amazeballs.

Your day can go one of two ways:

  1. It can totally kick ass.
  2. Or it can totally kick your ass.

(Okay, maybe it can be boring and uneventful, but those tend to feel like #2 to me.) I prefer the first one, but have you ever noticed that the more you need it to be amazing, the less it is? Kinda like how your kid’s shoe comes untied when you’re running through the airport? It’s just physics really. The more energy and momentum we’re putting into something the more things have a tendency to unravel.  Don’t feel tempted to think this is Life hating on you (Although it will feel JUST like that.). Honestly, Life has better things to worry about than messing up your plans. Sadly, very few of us truly rank that high on Life’s priority list, being dust in the wind and all. Don’t feel tempted to think it’s a sign you’re on the wrong track, either. You’re not. It’s just a sign of added stress and tension, mostly that we ourselves are carrying into it, am I right? If anything it’s a sign to pause, readjust, realign, get clarity, and go back to it with a little more of an organized effort. Or a kickass attitude. Or a hard cider. If I have a big day, or even week, on the horizon I make those plans in advance. I use my oils and my affirmations as soon as I know I’m gonna need it. Cuz greatness takes time. 😉 Case in point: I once had the opportunity to go on a national TV show and talk about green living. I was given three weeks notice. And I was scared shitless. So naturally I said yes before I could talk myself out of it, and then proceeded to do all the work I needed to overcome my fears in T-minus 21 days. I journaled, I dug deep, I practiced my affirmations, and I practically bathed in essential oils. Seriously, I probably smelled atrocious. I mean delicious. No, I mean atrocious. But when the moment came to walk on the stage in front of a live audience, you know what happened? I danced across it instead. No really, I did this little boogie all the way across the stage as she introduced me. All my nerves and fears disappeared and I freaking rocked it. I was making people laugh one second and dropping eco-reality bombs on unsuspecting audience members the next. It was epic. Seriously a highlight of my life. And I would NOT have been able to do it without the affirmations and essential oils I used to have a MFing kickass kinda day. So here’s what you gotta know: Your day is gonna go the way it’s gonna go. Que sera, sera, Doris. The only, ONLY, thing you have control over is how you act and react to it. Both before and during. Your grace, your ease, your I-flipping-got-this attitude, your clarity, your confidence going into it….THAT is what will determine how you perceive your day, how you respond to your day, and thus how your day will go. Again: your day is gonna go how it goes. It’ll show up in your face with all kinds of good and bad and neutral. But you can still change the outcome of the equation once you realize you’re the biggest denominator. In fact, think of it like math, 1 + 2 = 3. If 1 is what’s happening to and around you, and 2 is your response, then 3 is gonna be your outcome….don’t want 3? No problemo, Princess Peach. Changing the outcome is easy once you change your response. Respond with a 4 or a 47 or a 4,700 and voila, outcome changed. And, of course, the best response is always a proactive one. Sooooooooo, how about a little Kickass Routine for a Kickass Day? Play around with these oils and affirmations the week before, the night before, the morning of, and if you’re really hot stuff, every freaking day. Bonus points if you share them on social media with the hashtag #organichomehealth just to weird people out. #doubledogdare

Essential Oils for a Kickass Kinda Day

For this kind of stuff I look for oils that energize me, get my creative juices flowing (you’ve gotta think creatively to handle most days), and help me to release any fears or limitations that might be lurking.

  • Bergamot – always, and for self-confidence….because if you don’t feel confident in your own ability, you won’t be able to own that ability. (Oh, that sounded smooth. Score.)
  • Wild Orange – for thoughts of limitations and scarcity….things like “there’s not enough” or “these things never work out for me” or whatever bullshit story is rattling around in those brains of yours. Give’em da boot.
  • Citrus Bliss – for energy and creativity….this is my favorite brand’s proprietary blend of multiple citrus oils – SO GOOD.
  • Elevation – This is one of the ones I used to “rise above” my gut-wrenching fears leading up to my *ahem* TV debit.
  • Balance – I use this one when I’m feeling overwhelmed about the day, to help ground and center myself.
  • Clary Sage + Frankie – use these together for some powerful intuition, clarity of mind, and a “bigger picture” perspective
  • Serenity – if you just need to chill the f*ck out.

As always though, trust your instincts and listen to your emotions to find the right oils to use. Remember that aromatic application is important for emotions and thoughts, but topically over the heart, solar plexus, and throat can also be good. You can diffuse while you’re journaling, meditating, working, eating, driving, but most importantly while you’re using your affirmations for a good day. Obv.

Affirmations for a Kickass Good Day

Affirmations are generally present-tense and positive, but more important than anything is that you FEEL them. Use these as-is, change them up in whatever ways fit you, add to or subtract from them…just make them meaningful and goosebumpy to you.

  • Today and every day, I love and approve of myself.
  • Today is going to be a bomb-ass day.
  • I have everything I need for this day right at my fingertips.
  • All my needs are being met, in seen and unseen ways.
  • I release all fears that have attached themselves to this day. They are all bullshit anyway.
  • I’m a bad ass. This stuff just comes easily to me.
  • All the pieces are coming together like magic. It’s like Harry-freaking-Potter up in here!
  • Even when it gets hard, it’s so easy.
  • Even when I don’t see it, I freaking know I can trust it.
  • This day is a cakewalk. I’ve totally got this.
  • I’m gonna rock the ever-loving face clean off this day.

A little forewarning: If it feels like things keep bursting in your path despite rocking your affirmations like a motivational CD for weeks on end, don’t worry. Often when we start saying affirmations like this, ALL OUR SHIT comes up screaming in our face. We start to feel guilty, or shameful, or prideful, like “who the hell am I to think I deserve a GOOD DAY?!“. We start to see things exploding in front of us, as if it’s trying to laugh at our attempts to uplevel our life by way of fire and brimstone and broken computers and flat tires and crazy people. Oh my goodness the crazy people! We start to feel like it would be a better idea to crawl back under Ye Ol’ Mediocre Rock we’ve been told to live under, where things were comfortable and easy and uneventful, and quietly slip into nothingness with a bucket full of Ben and Jerry’s and a small whimper of defeat. This is normal. Dare I even say, this is good. Keep at it. Sometimes you just gotta stir up the dust to sweep it out.