In-Person Classes

We’ve got a few options for this one: You come to us at one of our many classes around the US; you gather your friends and family together and we bring all our oils and supplies and teach you all the basics of essential oils; or lastly, you gather your friends and family, we mail you some supply at a small (refundable) cost, and you patch us in virtually to teach your crew. To learn more about booking your own class, click the link below and I’ll give you all the deets!

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Online Workshops

Online workshops are different from Facebook classes. They are also totally free, but done through a webinar format, which allows you to watch video and listen to me talk and be a general weirdo. The schedule on LIVE webinars varies from once a week to once a quarter, depending on how busy our in-person classes are at the time, but our previous webinars can be found and accessed “on demand”.

Here’s how the live webinars work:

  1. You’ll find new and upcoming workshops listed on the calendar or on this workshops page. Once you hop over to the page you can read up on the topic and click to register to join us.
  2. Once you register you’ll get a few email reminders from me (and a text reminder if you want one) just so you don’t miss the workshop. Those emails will also have links to any downloadable goodies that come with the workshop, and your access link to jump on with us. You’ll also be on my newsletter and can get stuff like the “Oil of the Week” emails to help you learn more about oils.
  3. When it’s time for the workshop, you just follow the link from the email reminder. You can tune in from any device, chat with us in the chat box, and ask questions of me to answer live….just make sure your wifi speeds are up-to-snuff, otherwise it might be laggy and hard to hear.
  4. After the workshop you’ll be sent a Replay Link so you can watch it again, or catch anything you missed.

Here’s how the replay webinars work:

  1. You can find all our past webinars right here. Click around to find one you’re interested in and once you register you’ll get instant access, plus a link to save to watch it later.
  2. You can hop in and still participate in chat with other peeps who might also be listening in, as well as send in questions that I’ll reply to by email.
  3. Easy peasy!

Facebook Classes

Facebook classes are, quite surprisingly, held on Facebook. They are fast-paced and interactive, and give you a chance to ask questions, answer questions, and even download graphics and how-to’s to your computer. The topics can include: Essential Oils 101, Green Your Clean, Oils and Emotions, Mind(ful) Body Makeover, 30 Day Renewal (cleanse/detox), Me Time Makeover, or even a class on the business!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Check the online calendar to find Facebook classes; they are proceeded by “FB” in the title. (Don’t worry if you can’t make it live; still RSVP so you can access it later in the day!)
  2. Copy and paste the link in the class description to join the event on Facebook. This will allow you to access the info, as well as let Facebook send you a reminder ahead of time. It will also allow you to invite others you think might enjoy the class.
  3. All the class “material” is shared on the Facebook event “wall” every few minutes throughout the hour. BUT you’ll need to “refresh” your webpage in order to see the updates, since FB doesn’t keep it in real time. (You can refresh by clicking the event name/link, or if you’re on the event wall, click Control R or Command R.)
  4. To download any of the graphics added to the workshop from a computer, click the picture so it comes up big, hover over it and you’ll see “Options” and then “Download”. Or you can take a screenshot from any device.
  5. Comment, like, share, ask and answer questions!
  6. If you’ve RSVP’d the content will be available for you for 2-3 days in case you want to come back again!

My own Facebook classes are on hiatus, but you can get updates on upcoming FB classes via my newsletter, or book your own below!

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