Wait, wait! I have, like, a zillion questions!

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Okay, flat out…what’s the cost to become a member?

Flat out? That’s up to you and what oils or products you want to start with! The absolute minimum is a $35 membership fee + 100pv in products (so roughly $135). That’s what we here in the biz have been calling the “customized starter kit”. Let’s chat and I can help you pick the best option for you and even show you how to get that membership fee waived, cause we’re tight like that.  

Wait, what does PV mean?

PV means “product value” or “product volume”, depending on who you ask, what day it is, and whether or not I’m tired when I hear the question. And yes, it matters! For starters, you’ll want a minimum 100pv order to get started. This allows you to get our Organic Home Health goodies I’ve been telling you about, too. Sometimes there are special promotions going on that allow you to get extra products by buying a certain PV. It SUCKS to miss those extra products by 1pv, so pay attention, because the dollar amount and the PV amount aren’t always the same.  

Why do doTERRA oils cost more than store-bought brands?

Obviously, how we spend our money is an important topic. Saving money is just as important as spending it in the right ways. It’s important that we make wise choices and invest it where it’s worth. You’ve probably noticed that the oils from doTERRA cost more than what you’ll find in the natural food store or corner drugstore.  There is a very good reason for this: you get what you pay for. The quality of essential oils will determine their price. And our quality by far exceeds the industry standards:


  • They will only source plants from their biological regions, meaning they won’t grow Frankincense in the US where it doesn’t thrive and therefore doesn’t produce the most potent essential oil. They only source Frankincense from specific regions in the Middle East.
  • They third-party test each and every batch of essential oil and reject any that contains contaminants or parts of the plant that don’t belong. (Have you smelled the difference between store-bought lavender and their lavender? Most brands include stems and leaves that leave the oil smelling dirty; their strict standards ensure their oil smells floral instead, since it’s not contaminated with non-essential oil plant parts.)
  • Each oil has to be planted, grown, harvested, and extracted following their strict standards for when, how, and what can be used. Because of their testing standards, nothing chemical ever touches these plants, and they far exceed organic standards, meaning 100% pure and non-toxic oils to you.
  • They work ethically in other countries, ensuring fair wages and work conditions. Sure, slave labor is cheap. But it’s not in alignment with this company’s values.
  • Read more about the differences in doTERRA here

And because of these strict standards, we’ve actually found we’re SAVING money on these oils:

  • Because they are more potent, we use FAR less than we did of other brands…using 3-4 drops of the store-bought lavender means running through that bottle faster, instead of using 1 drop of theirs (or even less – sometimes we only need to dilute 1 drop in a teaspoon of coconut oil). Because we use far less, I’m still working through the same bottles of essential oils that I have used daily for a year!
  • Because they are pure, they are more effective in supporting your health. When you’re feeling and looking great, you’re using oils less and less!
  • And because we feel great, we have more time and energy to do things we love. Because nothing drains money like not feeling your best.

Yes, it is still an upfront investment. These oils DO cost more. But out of hundreds of buyers I have connected with, I don’t know anyone yet who has regretted their choice to invest in their health and home with doTERRA. All that being said…. Friends don’t let friends pay retail. 😉 If you’re going to be using more than one oil over the span of your life, then get in contact with me and I can share with you how to get these oils for a discounted price, wholesale, or even how to earn them for free.

What is the difference between doTERRA and other brands?

As I’m no longer a user of other brands, I couldn’t tell you all about other brands. And I’m obviously biased toward doTERRA. 😉 But as unbiasedly as possible, here’s what I do know: There are many other good oils on the market. And I’ve known many people that left their favorite brands for doTERRA and a few who didn’t. Why? Because essential oils are subjective. It’s important that you do research, especially if you can try out different brands, to find the one your body is drawn to – and it will intuitively be drawn to the right one for you. There are similarities and differences within each brand and pros and cons to each. These are the main differences we’ve found:

  • Most other brands grow their plants regionally, or in just a few regions around the world.  doTERRA grows each and every plant ONLY in its biologically appropriate region. This impacts the quality of and properties within that plant.
  • Each brand may use a different variety of plant. This is largely a matter of opinion as to which is best.  doTERRA chooses its varieties based on both in-house and independent research.
  • Different brands may use a different extraction method. The one to be most concerned about is the use of a chemical solvent, which is used by many companies to extract melaleuca. doTERRA never uses chemical solvents.
  • Most other brands do some form of testing on their product; a few do very little. Some do none at all. Because just about anything can be labeled “pure” it’s difficult to know which are actually therapeutic or even safe. (Even “certified organic” brands can still have up to 5% non-organic ingredients!) doTERRA does five kinds of tests on every single batch, and they are done in independent, third-party labs to add another level of accountability.

The best I can offer is what users of other brands have told us repeatedly: Our oils smell “cleaner”, the aroma is “pleasantly stronger”, “more resonate”, and the health benefits are “surprising”, “fast”, and “more effective than past experience” with other brands. But it’s important for each person to do their own research and sniff tests, and choose what works best for them. (Sniff test: Close your eyes and go back and forth between different brands; it may take several passes to pick up the subtler undertones. Notice which you’re drawn to – your nose knows what your body needs.)

And here’s the clincher for me….after only 5 years on the market, doTERRA grew to be the largest essential oil company in the world, reaching the billion dollar mark a year faster than Apple. You can’t do that without a product people see the difference in. Want to know more about why we exclusively use and trust doTERRA?


Are essential oils FDA approved?

Short answer: No. There’s a lot of confusion out there on this, either from people explaining things incorrectly or others misinterpreting their meaning. The FDA does not “approve” essential oils, dietary supplements, or foods AT ALL. They only approve prescription and over-the-counter drugs. They DO provide a list of ingredients they refer to GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) that are approved for use in food, cosmetic, and supplement products for either internal or external use. doTERRA’s oils would fall under (and far exceed) the guidelines of GRAS. This does NOT mean the FDA “approves” ANY them or any other essential oil company, only that our company is following (and exceeding) the standards the FDA has put into place. Make sense?

Are doTERRA essential oils Certified Organic?

Many of doTERRA’s essential oils are certified organic, others are ECOCERT, and some do not have any certification. The reason for this is because we source from so many developing countries. The certification requirements and availability differs from country to country. Some countries don’t even have a certification offering. As one example, it costs $2,500 for a grower to receive organic certification in Madagascar. This certification lasts two years. Most of the time, an inspector never even visits the farm to verify that they are, in fact, growing organically. The fee is what matters here. However, most of the growers in this impoverished country cannot afford the certification, although they are all growing by the same standards. Pesticides and herbicides are not used.

The reason doTERRA has chosen not to print “certified organic” or “ECOCERT” on our labels is because each lot has different certifications. Some of our Ylang Ylang may come in with organic certification and another lot may not have the certification. These two lots meet the very same quality standards. They go through the same battery of tests and are both certified not to contain pesticides, herbicides, fillers, synthetics, or added natural compounds. There is no difference in the quality or purity. One producer simply paid a fee to be certified organic and another did not. When we say that our oils are better than organic, it is because we have the ability to see even the smallest component in each lot of oil. If there is anything contained in the essential oil that was not naturally produced by nature in the plant with nothing added, it is rejected. That’s what I love about our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade process. We work with the best analytical scientists in the world — nothing gets past them!

So, what kind of discount do I receive by joining with your community?

As one of our team members your minimum discount on ALL orders, including your very first “getting started” order, is 25%. And if you’re really super duper amazeballs, you’ll also check out the Loyalty Rewards program …that’s where you can get a discount up to 55% off. Yup, I said it. 

What’s this rewards program thing again?

It’s like Christmas in the mail. In June. And July. And every single month. The program is a monthly order that YOU control – you choose what you want to order, how much you want, when you want it. You earn free products on the stuff you were gonna buy anyway. Like toothpaste or soap or supplements. Coolest part? You can share your monthly order with friends or family, meaning THEY get your discount and YOU get free products for their orders. #winwin And you are NOT locked into it. But trust me, you’ll want to stay on it. Click here to read why the Oil Lovers Loyalty Program rocks so hard.  

I have questions about the products; where can I learn more?

You can check out any of my free workshops or blog posts to learn more about essential oils. After you become a member with our community you’ll also have access to a private community to learn more about the safety and precautions of using essential oils. And you’re welcome to contact me! You can also reach out to doTERRA directly at 800-411-8151 or product support@doterra.com. Just please remember, I’m not a doctor and can’t answer disease-related questions.  

So, let’s talk goodies. What do I get by joining through you?

Oy vey. So much, it’s kinda crazy. Let me name some, starting with the best and most obvious:

  • You get our community! And we rock.
  • Every Wellness Advocate in our community gains access to our happy little portal of fun, where we share blends and tips and FAQ to help you learn how to use your oils. It’s like a library of tools and videos at your fingers. (There’s a second little happy portal for the business builders in our ranks, too.)
  • We have a VIBRANT and oh-so-dynamic Facebook community where you can share your favorite oils, find new blends for the diffuser, and ask questions of the whole crew!
  • You’ll get my (Tara Wagner’s) Digging Deep ebook….this is a big chunk of my life coaching process in a DIY form and helps you to examine and overcome those funky inner shizzzz that keeps you from doing what you want in life. It’s normally a $47 bundle, but you get the ebook free from me. Muah. #ohyeah
  • You also get the Making Organic Food Affordable ebook, which if you couldn’t tell, helps you learn how to eat organically, just more affordably. Clever name, right? 😉 It’s normally an $18 ebook, but again, yours free. Just cuz. 
  • There are also a smattering of health coaching guides, cleanses, and recipes books that you’ll be able to snatch up too, all from our team!
  • Then you’ll get a one-on-one Membership Overview/oil powwow…I’ll describe that below.

And I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a few things, so I’ll come back and update this when I remember. 😉

Why does the Organic Home Health team rock so hard?

Because we’re awesome. Obviously. 😉 Our whole crew is comprised of all ages and backgrounds and it makes for such a great community of support and inspiration. We’ve got life coaches, health coaches, men and women, parents, grandparents, and no-kid homes. There are chiropractors, homeopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists, aromatherapists, massage therapists, doulas, midwives, and more amongst our ranks. But the coolest thing? We just jive. It’s such a great community of kindness and acceptance and support. It’s all peace, love, laughter, and oily things over here. For realz. And another thing? We do so many cool things! Like group cleanses, or fun oil challenges or games, or random “It’s Tuesday” giveaways, just because. Seriously, I love our “smelly” family. 🙂 Read more about us here.  

What is a Membership Overview and how do I use mine?

A Membership Overview is a chance to sit down with 1 or 2 of our crew – your Fairy Oil Parents – and chat oils! We go over your membership must-knows, precautions (like where to NEVER put oils) and guidelines (like which can be used internally and how much or how to tell the difference). We talk application how-to, and basics. And we show you how to research, discern, and apply what you learn. (Heh. I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. I can make a rhyme anytime.) That way, no matter when or where, you understand the foundations and can apply it to any situation. When you join with our community, your “enroller” (the person who helped you get started) and/or your “sponsor” (we like to think of them as Fairy Oil Parents) will reach out to schedule your powwow. We like to schedule them around the time you get your oils so you can delve right in, and we do them in person, over Skype/FaceTime, or on the phone. We’ll answer any questions we can, and/or point you to where you can find your answers. These powwows are a FAVORITE with our members, because they always walk away feeling heard, empowered, and excited to be able to apply what they’re learning, and also continue to learn more. Fist bump to that!  

Once I join, how do I learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively?

In addition to the Membership Overview (above), you’ll also get access to our magical community portal full of how-to videos, resources, links, workshops, books, references, and more where you can learn and apply your newfound love of smelly wonderfulness to your cleaning, your body, your home, even your food! And it’s all easy-to-use and understandable, I promise. (Okay, some of it goes over my head, but hey, maybe you’re smarter than me!) You’ll also be added to our lovely community of oil lovers who will help you find new stuff based on your needs. Because they are magical like that.  

Are you a doctor? Can you tell me what to use?

Heck no! I haven’t even tried to play one on TV. If you need a doctor, go see a doctor! Find a “naturopath” if possible – they are regular MD’s with training in natural solutions too, and are great because they can help you marry the best of both worlds! Some medications or health concerns may be contraindicated with the use of essential oils – meaning they don’t mix. We do our best to point out what we can, but because we can’t possibly know your entire health history or the whole pharmaceutical array out there, you may NOT use that in lieu of medical attention. Talk to your doctor, yo!

And one more thing, essential oils are NOT medicine. They can be used as complimentary supplements to support your body’s natural health and wellness – like eating right and exercising does. Don’t go stopping your meds because you think essential oils will take their place. Again. talk to your doctor, yo!  

My sister/friend/neighbor is already a member…should I join through them or you?

You should TOTALLY join through them!  This company works through different “teams”, run by independent distributors on each team. If you join through me, they won’t get the benefit in the form of moolah from our company. So go make them happy! If they are part of the OHH team? Still join through them, and you’ll get the same goodies! Yay! If for whatever reason they don’t want to build a business, or you really, really, really don’t jive with them, and you’ve double-checked it with them or are willing to possibly hurt some feelings, then reach out to us and we’ll help you. But only if you’re sure it’s the right move for you, because it can’t be changed over later, and I’d rather loved ones stick together!  

Are there any membership or renewal fees?

Yes and no. Kinda. Maybe. It depends. You could pay a $35 enrollment fee but most people get that waived. You’ll be a part of Organic Home Health forever, and will never get kicked out of our community, but if you wish to renew your membership with our oil company there is a $25 renewal fee and it comes with a FREE bottle of peppermint oil. So, it’s almost free to renew. Other than that, nada.  

Am I obligated to buy products every month?

Hellz no! But you do have the option to get rewarded if you do. About 80% of our members, including those who didn’t think they would, end up using the Loyalty Rewards program every month, because it makes a great way to buy products you’re already buying (think: cleaning products, shampoo, toothpaste, etc) and get free oils for it. And it’s a cool way to get gifts (wedding, holiday, birthday). Plus, people share it with friends, so they aren’t having to make the order every month themselves. Check out the link for the Loyalty Rewards program above for all the sweet deets.  

Am I obligated to sell products in order to be a member?

Hellz no! You can use your account as a consumer account and never do anything else with it. Totes cool with us. Way more than half of our 14000+ community does just that and still gets all the same goodies, gifts, and fun stuff from us (like participation in the games, challenges, giveaways, etc we do in our community). Seriously, I get asked this 100x and there is no other way I can say it other than “no way, no how, nada, nope, not now, not ever, no hidden secrets, no crossed pinkies, cross my heart and hope to cry, you’re in the clear”. Cool, right?  

Hey, wait! I WANT to share essential oils and make some moolah. Can I do that as a team member?

Hellz yes! Your membership allows you to just be a personal user, or casually sharer (maybe enough to get your own products free?), or go all hard core and become a business builder. And our team offers a separate Facebook community and support, inspiration, and strategies for that too. Just let us know when you’re getting started that that’s your thing, and we’ll make sure to get you plugged in there too! If you want to hit the ground running (and with our help, you totally can) you can also earn free products in the program for sharers. I’d click over here to learn more about building a business with essential oils.  

I want to read every single word of the membership agreement. Where do I do that?

Oh you sweet, intrepid soul. (Well…actually, I did the same thing. Here’s to info-junkies.) Just Google “doTERRA policy manual” and the most recent should pop right up.

I don’t live in the United States; what are my options?

Ahoy my foreign friend! Your options will vary based on where you live. The same basic things apply (enrollment fee + 100pv custom starter order, getting all the same goodies from us, etc), but you might have different enrollment options as well, and some countries require a US address. Hit me up right here and I’ll float you the details!  

Can I try out just 1-2 oils before becoming a member?

Absolutely! Your best bet would be to choose a couple oils at retail prices. I do NOT recommend ordering from Amazon. There have been a slew of issues with bottles being opened, recapped, diluted, contaminated, and so on, before being sold as brand name oils. And much of it is actually stolen goods. It’s not cool at all. 🙁

If you weren’t referred here by another team member, hit me up here and I’ll float you my online store Important: If you’re trying out more than $50 worth, it actually makes more sense to get a discount on them. Keep that in mind!  

How do I access these amazeballs goodies you’re offering?

By joining with me or someone in our Organic Home Health community! Once you let us know, we’ll get you signed up, hooked up, plugged in, and send you the super secret passwords and invites to welcome you to our oily community of rainbow horses and leprechaun glitter! It’s gonna be epic! (Okay, seriously though, I promise we won’t make you wanna puke with cuteness. But we do love to have fun and I am a goofball, so there you have it.)  

Wait, tell me again ALL the ways I can get free stuff?

Oh, let me recount the splendor in all its glory:

  1. First, get an additional discount below wholesale on your first order.
  2. Then you can earn an additional 100-400pv ($100-400 dollars in free products) on your enrollment order.
  3. And there may be special promotions of the month, so ask me about that
  4. Your first order (made when you become a member) will give you 100% shipping reimbursement…meaning every dollar you spend comes back in free products, even if you choose overnight shipping.
  5. Future orders will get either 50% or 100% shipping reimbursement for more product credits.
  6. Join the Loyalty Rewards program, and you’ll earn 10-30% back in MORE product credits.
  7. Jump into our Facebook community and take part in our giveaways, games, or challenges to win MORE goodies from us (like books, diffusers, accessories, etc).
  8. Take part in a program specifically for sharers in your first 120 days, and earn MORE free products.

Am I missing something? Probably. I’ll let you know when I remember all the rest. #itsalot  

Awesome! I’m ready to get me some! How do I get started?

Suuuuuwwwweeeeeeeettt! I’m excited to have you jump into our community! Here’s how to get started:


  1. If you already know someone on our team, holler at them! Let them know you’re ready to go and they’ll help you get setup and plugged in right away!
  2. If you know me, or just randomly found me and already think I’m totally amazeballs, well then, I love you too. Click over here and let’s get cracking! As soon as I get your email, I’ll give you a call and we’ll get you started presto pronto!

#partytime #excellent  

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