What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the aromatic compounds of plants. The stuff that makes dried lavender smell so good? That’s traces of the oil left over in the fiber. The oil is where all the magic happens in the plant. It’s where the plant responds to threats, like insects, protects its own cells, and keeps healthy. And because our body recognizes Nature, we can use oils to help us stay healthy too. Or fight off our own insects. #truestory

Oils can be steam-distilled or cold-pressed from places like the leaves, stems, flowers, rinds, wood, roots, etc. Leaving the fiber behind and taking only the good stuff makes oils very, very potent. In fact where you might use dozens of cups of peppermint tea, you would only use one drop of peppermint oil. And many times you need less than a drop. Which also makes them super affordable, especially since they can last up to a decade or more if you take good care of them.

How do you use them?

doTERRA essential oils can be used four different ways:


This is the application method you’d want to use for things like air quality, supporting the respiratory system, or balancing moods. Aromatic usage is usually done with a diffuser (a little home appliance that sends the oils into the air), as well as other methods when you’re in a pinch.


This is where you apply the oil to the skin. You’ll need to know a little about dilution, (whether or how much to dilute an oil for sensitive skin), as well as where to apply on the body. Your skin will absorb the oil and put it to good use within just minutes of applying. It’s pretty cool like that.


This is what we call it when you use oils for things like cleaning toilets or showers. Oils have some pretty sweet cleaning properties and can help you avoid harsh chemicals. No really, they work. In fact, they work a lot better than some of the most caustic cleaners people have under their sinks. And it’s good for you at the same time.


Ahhh, the much abused stepchild of the aromatherapy world. There are a lot of people who will wiggle their finger at anyone wanting to learn the proper ways to use essential oils internally. But don’t worry. You’re a smart cookie. And as long as you learn the precautions, you can safely use oils in flavoring or as supplements to your health.

What can you use them for?

Oh let me count the ways!

There are literally dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of uses for each and every oil. These are just a few of my favorites:

  • Add a drop of Lemon to your water to soothe a scratchy throat
  • Diffuse some Serenity (Calming Blend) to chill the kids out at night
  • Rub a little Deep Blue (muscle blend) on your shoulders after you try to deadlift 100lbs
  • Add a drop of DigestZen (Digestive Blend) to your tea when you’ve just eaten your weight in cookies
  • Make up a homemade cleaner with some Melaleuca and Lemon oil
  • Add a drop (just a drop!) of Rosemary to your soup when you’re out of the dried stuff
  • Put some Helichrysum or Frankincense on a boo-boo and be Superhero of the hour
  • Dab some Lavender on your thumb after it touches the hot cast iron pan
  • Massage a dab of Breathe (Respiratory Blend) over your kiddos chest to promote feelings of clear breathing
  • Use some Immortelle (Anti-Aging Blend) on those signs of *ahem* maturing skin
  • Add some Balance (Grounding Blend) to your lotion when you’re having a terrible, no good, very bad day
  • Use TerraShield (Repellant blend) or Arborvitae that repel insects to keep the skeeters off

Basically, as long as you’re not trying to replace common sense and a necessary doctor with oils, the sky’s the limit.

Every area of the body, every area of the home, even that sometimes crazy head of yours, can use a little oily goodness.

Why doTERRA Essential Oils?

When I got started with oils I didn’t know there was a difference from one brand to the next. Which is probably why I didn’t think they worked…I was using the cheap stuff, and even some of the expensive stuff, and just not seeing the difference. Until I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils and had my head blown clean off. (Not literally. Thankfully. That’d be bad.) There are a lot of reasons I love and only choose these essential oils now.


Here are a few of those reasons below:

  • Extreme care in the planting, growing, harvesting, and distilling of oils
  • Never any chemical fertilizer, herbicides, GMOs, etc
  • Some plants need to be hand-picked and at specific times (like right after it rains)
  • Never any fillers, contaminants, or adulterants added
  • Third-party testing of each and every batch to ensure it’s purity and potency (no in-house labs, so greater accountability)
  • Oh and did I mention, every one of their oils are grown in its biologically appropriate region?

That last one is a big deal! So many companies grow their plants in just a few farms, mostly in the US. But have you ever tried to grow a plant in Florida that is indigenous to the cold climate of Wisconsin? It’s not gonna be a healthy plant. The same with oils, growing plants outside their indigenous region creates a less robust plant with a difference in the potency of the oil.

On top of the quality of the oil, is the integrity of doTERRA. Watching them work over these past few years have made me damn proud to be aligned with this company. Things like their Co-Impact Sourcing initiatives to ensure the safety and welfare of their growers around the world (basically sustainability and Fair Trade practices, kicked up a few notches), to their Healing Hands Foundation that donates millions each year to communities in need, to the way they care for their members, never pushing us to “make a buck”, but instead to empower, show up to serve, and maintain our family and personal priorities.

But there’s a lot more to it than just this. Click here to see what I mean.

Why join The Oily Community specifically?

This is something most people don’t consider when they get started with oils: the community you join with will be the people you go to for education, support, and connection. Some people join on a whim, never considering whether that person is a good fit for them, and then feel frustrated or confused over a lack of support.

Since I don’t know you, I can’t tell you if The Oily Community is the right community for you, but I can tell you what we’re like so you can decide for yourself if we’re a good fit.

Here’s what The Oily Community is about:

  • We’re not about telling you what to do; we’re about educating and empowering you to know for yourself 
  • We’re not pushy, or salesy (and we don’t want you to be either)
  • We want to show up to serve and meet you where you are
  • We’re all about total acceptance and connection and fun #judgmentfreezone
  • We’re about being authentic and down-to-earth, and building real friendships

And here’s what we offer the peeps in our community:

  • A robust, active, and seriously amazeballs secret FB community for 24/7 support, FAQ, and oil inspiration
  • A personalized 1:1 consult or makeover to help you learn the ins and outs of your oils and your membership
  • Product training and/or business training, depending on what you need
  • Community giveaways, just for fun, because I like fun.
  • Retreats, get-togethers, challenges, and guidance every step of the way
  • Ongoing education, classes, and training so you’ll always be growing

The Oily Community is for you if you value relationships, authenticity, kindness, laughter, a bit of goofiness, real connection, science and research, and level-headed guidance. With maybe a bit of woo-woo and peace, love, and hippie beads thrown in for good measure. 😉 

Read more about who our community is good for here.

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  • Very active and fun Facebook group for questions and support
  • 100’s of recipes, DIYs, and inspiration
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Business Builders

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*Disclaimer: The official FDA disclaimer states: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.