I sent a friend off to Jamaica this weekend with a roller bottle blend of essential oils just in case they got too much sun. It’s not exactly the same as what I traveled with, because I was lame enough to forget to bring the helichrysum on my trip. But what are friends for if not saving each other from your own mistakes?

I also wanted to make it easier to use. I have mixed my blend up in an empty bottle, but I just found a great price on bulk roller bottles, and I need to do SOMETHING with all 144 of them. Plus roller bottles are just awesome. Prediluted, easy application, makes great gifts or samples.

I have a handful of them I’ve made in the past and labeled really badly. As in I put the name of the blend (like “happy skin” or something equally asinine LOL) and totally forgot what was in the blend, or how much was in it. You only need to do that once before you feel like a goober and find a better solution. Or if you’re me, you’ll need to do it 6897594385934 times. (Some of us are slow learners!) My better solution to labeling roller blends? Exhibit A: Labeling essential oils for sunburns    

Here’s the formula: First, I found my cap stickers from doTERRA for each oil in the blend and wrote the number of drops I’d be adding on each the sticker. After adding the most amazing essential oils for after-sun skin care in the world to the bottle, THEN I filled the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil (also known in the biz as FCO; this is the only carrier I use in roller bottles since many other carrier oils can solidify) and then placed the top of the cap stickers to the FCO “fill line”.

This way if my sweet, lovely, hard-partying, sun-lovin’ friend wants to make the same blend, she knows how much essential oil to use, and how much FCO to add. Genius, right? I know! And it only took me 6897594385934 mystery blends to figure it out. 😉  

 The essential oils that I use after sun exposure?

I absolutely love how soothing these oils are for irritated skin. (They could probably used for most irritations, not just sun kissed skin.) In this particular blend, I used:

  • 25 drops of lavender
  • 6 drops of helichrysum (Note: I would’ve used more but I ran out! Next time I’ll try 15 drops.)
  • The rest – up to the top of the stickers – is fractionated coconut oil

I used this (minus helichrysum) myself when I was in the Jamaican sun too long myself. It soothed and hydrated my…shall we say, glowing skin. I’ve used the same two essential oils at home too (we live on the beach) but mixed with aloe vera and it was equally amazeballs. Give it a try and share with friends!

P.S. We have an Essential Oils 101 webinar happening this evening if you’d like to join us!