We just got back from Bonnaroo last week. I say we got back, but it was mostly physically because it took me a full 7 days to feel back to reality (a feeling I wasn’t really wanting to embrace yet). There is something about music festivals. The music, obviously. But mostly, the people…the array of personalities, all “radiating positivity” and total acceptance. It’s truly a judgement-free zone which creates a safe space to just relax into yourself. If you haven’t experienced those kind of spaces before, then seek them out. You can’t understand how not-free you are until you walk through an environment with no social rules, other than love and kindness. #peaceloveandhippiebeadsman

We had so much fun, including hot tub time machines, lots of Bonnaroofing, and leaving with more alcohol than we came in with thanks to some very friendly Canadians. I’d share more about our experience, but I think it would break our code (what happens at Bonnaroo…). So instead let’s get oily, mmkay?

Since we did Bonnaroo as the “older established people” do Bonnaroo (in an RV with air conditioning, bitches!) I actually took nearly all of my essential oils…because you never know. Some of the ones I thought we’d use more of and that I’d still recommend you take to your own festival:

  • OnGuard for immunity
  • Lavender for minor scrapes, cuts, sleep, or after sun exposure
  • TerraShield for insects
  • Arborvitae for insects and Justin’s deodorant (he’s such a hippie!)

But we didn’t actually use any of those. Here’s what we used a lot of:

  • Breathe throat drops for dry, dust-filled sinuses
  • DigestZen, soothes the occasional stomach upset (you know…festival food, libations and heat can be a bad combo)
  • Purify added to hand cleanser (omg don’t forget the hand cleanser! – porta-potties, ew.)
  • Balance for grounding and sleep
  • Peppermint for cooling the body

If I had planned better I would’ve added the peppermint to a metal spray bottle to create a body mist. Or maybe in one of those spray bottle fans that I wanted to so bad. I didn’t plan for that though. So instead we took a dab and massage it into our neck. It was helpful when we were out in the heat of the day, but it didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked. I would’ve also liked to make my own hand cleanser with aloe vera and Purify, but again, I don’t plan ahead very well.  

What would you have to bring to a festival?