New to Essential Oils?

Dipping your toes into the essential oil world can be a little mind-boggling. How do you use them? Are they really safe? And with dozens of single oils and blends, knowing WHAT to use leaves a lot of people not using anything at all.

We’d like to help with that. We’ve experienced such radical health and wellness transformations with these essential oils that we want to offer you a simple e-class to help you get started in (or go a little further into) the world of essential oils.

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One 80 min audio, and four guides/handouts will give you everything you need to start your own journey into essential oils!

What essential oils are and how to tell quality brands from brands that'll waste your money

How essential oils can "scrub" receptor sites of cells to support your body's natural healing ability

Which essential oils pass the blood brain barrier and why the American Medical Association said that matters for chronic diseases, such as Lou Gehrig's or Parkinson's

When and how NOT to use essential oils

How to safely apply oils to ensure you get the most from them without negative side effects


You'll also receive a free downloadable guide101 Uses for the Three Most Common Oils, as well as other goodies to help you get started in a simple, non-overwhelming way.

P.S. There is NO cost to join us and we won't sell your email. You'll receive info on how to access the tele-class via phone, an email with the recording of the call (in case you want to access it later), and other guides, goodies, and info on essential oils to help you make the best use of them for your own health and wholeness. You can unsubscribe for updates and future info at any time.

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