This workshop is for anyone wanting to create or expand their natural wellness business with products and a community they can get behind.

You could be a chiropractor, health coach, massage therapist, physical therapist, a stay-at-home parent, a banker, an assistant, a carpenter, a taxi driver, a house cleaner….doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get HIGH on helping people and you want more from your career – more time, more reach, more impact, more income…and hopefully more of a personal life. I’ll show you my path with the company, why I chose this as a full-time gig, and how it might compliment (or radically change) what you currently do, as well as answer all your burning questions, and help you see if this is right for you, too. No pressure, no BS…just nitty-gritty info to help you make the right choice for YOU.

  • Why I chose these over any other opportunity out there (even though I initially thought I’d hate it)
  • Who this business is ideal for, why so many people love it, and who will probably NOT be a good fit
  • What building a natural wellness business “looks like” day-to-day (like, what do you actually DO?)
  • How it is you get paid, and why some people join just for the compensation plan (if you’ve ever done direct sales, you will WANT to see this part!)
  • Whether you have to be “good at sales” (Spoiler alert: Hellz no!) and what we actually want you to be good at instead
  • Answers to common questions, like whether it’s legit, the startup investment, how much time it takes to build a work-from-home business, etc
  • Why you’d want to join our Organic Home Health community for support in building your biz (hint: cuz we rock)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to join this webinar? Nope, nada, nothing. Totally free. This is just an exploration into the business side of things. Money comes into play only if you want oils. Will there be a replay or recording? Yes, when you signup for the original workshop, you’ll receive access to the replay for up to a week. You can also join future business webinars done each week, same time. How do I access this event? Once you signup below or above you will receive an email with your access link. Save this email, but you’ll also get a reminder email as well shortly before the webinar. You will need a good internet connection with audio capability to access the webinar via the web. You can access via any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, tablet, iPad, Android) with internet speeds capable of handling videos. Just click the access link sent to you and voila! You’re in like Flynn. Are you gonna try to sell me something? No, this isn’t one of those webinars that ends up being one long sales pitch. (I freaking hate those!) But I AM gonna try to sell you on the awesomeness of building this business, because it is awesome, and because I’m passionate about sharing what it does for families. 95% of this webinar is just talking about the FAQs of building a business to help YOU see if it’s right for YOU – because you’re the only one that can know that and I feel it’s a good idea to go into such a decision with lots of information on what it entails. At the end of this webinar I will tell you how you can get started and, if it’s the right fit for you, invite you to reach out to me. I’m a chiropractor, doctor, health professional, etc. Is this webinar useful for me? Yes. I’ve included information on how medical professionals can use these essential oils to create an ethical and sustainable stream of income by integrating it into your current practice or services. I explain how it’s different and more beneficial than most additions to one’s practice and “what it looks like” to do so. I’m not in a health field currently. Is this webinar useful for me? Yes. We have business builders who were stay-at-home parents, office professionals, and more, and the company has become a fantastic way to help them start or change careers. I’ve included info on what that looks like, and what the potential is, regardless of your background, as well as address some of the most common concerns (like feeling knowledgable or finding time). I’m already enrolled in the company with the OHH team. Is this webinar useful for me? Absolutely! 95% of the webinar is geared around answering your questions and concerns about building with the company. You can also reach out to the person on our OHH team who enrolled you to pick brains further. The only thing that won’t apply will be the special offer at the end. I’m enrolled with a different essential oil team. Is this webinar useful for me? Most of it will be, yes. Keep in mind that we don’t ever want to steal people away from other teams and you can’t switch teams without canceling your account and going through a period of inactivity, something that isn’t usually worth it. But you can use the majority of this webinar to help you learn about the business side of the company and determine if it’s right for you. If you decide it is you’ll want to go to your Upline Listing and ask for their support in mentoring and guiding you. This sounds really helpful. Where do I signup to join the webinar for free? ​Click the big button directly below!

This is NOT a strategy or support call for people who are already building an essential oil business. This is a straight-shooting, no BS discussion for those who have not yet delved into an essential oils business and might be looking for a change in career, a retirement fund, or even just another stream of fun money. My intention is to share my experiences (and that of our team), answer your questions and help you see whether this is what you’ve been looking for or not.

P.S. There is NO cost to join in and I won’t ever sell your email. You’ll receive info on how to access the workshop and other guides, goodies, and info on essential oils, plus emails of future workshops and our popular Oil of the Week emails to help you learn more and make the best use of essential oils for your own health and wholeness. You can unsubscribe from updates and future info at any time! No hard feelings. 

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