Our sweet friend had her housewarming party last weekend, and since I was still recovering post-Bonnaroo, I thought I should totally take on making dessert for everyone. Because, yes, I’m a bit of an overachiever, but also after all our festivities, I needed to know I was gonna have some non-sugary snackage and maybe a little something to help my body detox. Okay, so there is sugar in these, but I kept it to a minimum and relied on the strawberries to fill in the gaps. This worked really well for the super-sweet, very ripe strawberries, but the ones with still a little green around the edges weren’t quite sweet enough.

Cream Cheese and Lemon Oil Strawberries #organichomehealth

I started out going through every spoon in my drawer trying to find something that would work as a melon baller (1/4 tsp for the win!). Let me just drop a little hint now….don’t dig those bad boys too deep. Just trust me.

Then I mixed up the filling, feeling pretty much like hot shit for making this recipe myself. No really, I did. It was partially out of desperation. I was going to model a recipe that called for ricotta but apparently Target has limits on the cheeses they carry, so Cream Cheese Improv it was.

This is about where things got messy. Whoever the hell once told me “Oh yeah a Ziploc baggie will TOTALLY work in the place of an actual frosting bag” is a BOLD FACED LIAR. Seriously, if I could’ve remembered who said it I probably would’ve called them to demand an explanation, except that I wouldn’t have been able to because my hands WERE COVERED IN FILLING.

See this picture? It looks really cool right? Like it would totally work?

Cream Cheese and Lemon Oil Strawberries #organichomehealth

Lies. All lies. Okay, it maybe didn’t help that I only had snack-sized baggies available. And that by the time I spooned the filling into said baggies it was already all over the edges. It probably also didn’t help that said filling got into the little zipper seal thingies, so they didn’t close all the way, so that when I went to squeeze the frosting from said baggies it went all over my damn said hands. It also didn’t help that I cut the tip of the first baggie to actually fit the middle of the frosting tip, but didn’t account for stretchage, so that said freaking frosting tip stretched said baggie and shot across said room. And then it didn’t help that I somehow thought I’d get said frosting tip back in the same stupid, frosting-covered, too-small, won’t-seal baggie, which takes almost your whole hands, btw, and pretty much assures your friends better be ready for a whole new level of friendship because they will be eating frosting that was once between your fingers.

Four baggies, one ditched tip, and what-would’ve-looked-questionable-all-over-my-hands-if-the-wrong-people-walked-in later, and I had stuffed a pound of strawberries with the best damn filling I’ve ever put in my mouth. Or under my fingernails. Or on the wall. Worth. Every. Second.

Cream Cheese and Lemon Oil Strawberries #organichomehealth

The Ingredients

  • 1 giant thing of very ripe strawberries
  • 12 ounce whipped cream cheese
  • 1 TB + 1 tsp of powdered sugar (more or less to taste)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4-6 drops of doTERRA’s lemon essential oil
  • Toppings: chocolate chips, crushed nuts, shredded coconut, lemon zest, etc
  • Supplies: A “melon baller”, a REAL frosting bag, and more skill than me

Wash your strawberries really well. Pull the leaves from them, then use your “melon baller” to scoop out the center. Don’t scoop out too much or you’ll either run out of frosting before you get them all filled or just make a bloody mess trying to get the frosting off the frosting tip and into the strawberry. And it won’t look pretty. (I didn’t put the un-pretty ones in the picture. Duh.) Just about half way is good.

In a small bowl, mix the cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. I didn’t need a mixer for this because my cream cheese was the whipped kind (how dirty of it), but if yours isn’t you might want an electric beater.

When it comes time to add the lemon essential oil, do this over a spoon first. Why? Sometimes the oils can come out faster than you expect and even one extra drop can be too much flavor. I did four drops and it was a subtle lemon flavor. Add more if you want a stronger lemon flavor to it. I topped ours only with chocolate chips, because I didn’t come up with the idea for other toppings until I was writing this blog post. I just poured the chocolate chips into a small bowl and everyone dipped their strawberry into it. Worked like a charm and these were a HUGE hit with our crew!

Share your best topping idea in the comments!