Did you know you can book a class with us in your home? Depending on where you live, we might be there in the flesh or via Skype to help you and a few friends learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively.  Check out the calendar for any classes already happening in your area.

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Online Workshops

Online Workshops are either held live, or the recordings can be accessed “on demand”. They are done through your computer or other device, and you actually get to hear me talk! Bonus! Check out the calendar below for upcoming ONLINE workshops and register to join us.

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Facebook Classes

These fast-paced classes, held on Facebook, help you learn more about a variety of essential oils, favorite products and uses, and all kinds of hot topics – all from the comfort of your PJs. Check out the calendar below to find and RSVP for our upcoming Facebook classes.

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Looking for an event?

Look for local or online events from our Organic Home Health team, or click the button below to request one!

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