Want to find out more about the awesomeness of doTERRA essential oils and get some freebies at the same time?

Our classes are fun, personalized, and there could even be a margarita or two involved… 

Here’s what an average class looks like…

You, a handful of friends and family (not the ones you had to bribe to get there; the ones that were excited to learn more!), some simple snacks and drinks that we show you how to spruce up with essential oils.

If me or one of the team can be there in the flesh, we totally will be. If you live in some remote corner of the world our team has yet to infiltrate, we will show up by video instead! Yay for technology!

During the class everyone piles around the kitchen table or the coffee table, your choice. We talk about your health goals and needs, cover what you need to know about doTERRA and oils in general, and go over the mot popular kits and how they’ll meet your needs.

You and your peeps all walk away with a foundational understanding of essential oils and how they’ll meet their particular goals, plus their own kit. (They don’t have to buy anything of course, but most people will want to, and we’ll be able to help them get started right there.) 

And you, as the host, get some seriously sweet goodies from us as a thank you.

When you host a workshop with 4 or more people, we hook you up with fun little gifts. These gifts vary based on availability, who’s teaching the class and what they currently offer, the size of your class, the number of people who enroll with our team from your class, whether any of your peeps schedule their own classes, and more, but they generally look something like one or more of these:

  • A freaking gorgeous glass water bottle, Wild Orange essential oil, and an essential oil magazine
  • A sampler pack of oils and products, with an A-Z usage guide
  • A favorite oil to enjoy
  • A Beginner’s Essential Oils kit with 5ml lavender, lemon, and peppermint
  • Grabs from our Grab Bag O’ Goodies
  • Speciality blends made up just for you
  • Even a free diffuser to fill your home or office with smelly goodness

There are a few caveats:

You and your peeps can’t already be doTERRA essential oil members with any other team. That’s not fair to anyone. You also shouldn’t already be talking to other doTERRA members (people who have shared samples with you, friends or family who build the biz, etc.) We don’t like to steal people away from others.

If we aren’t going to be there to teach the class in the flesh, we will send you a few things for the class, but there is a cost to that to ensure your commitment to the class. However, that cost is credited back to you if you choose a starter kit at your class! #bonus

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You can book a class from anywhere. If you are in the following states, we are more likely to get to you in person: Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Maine, Vermont, Michigan, Nevada, and SoCal. 

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