You’re frustrated with healthcare options and wanna get back in control. (I get that.)

You’re burnt out in your work and want something that doesn’t make you gag. (Amen.)

You value community, support, guidance, friendship, and fun; and although you might be a little woo-woo, you also value down-to-earth, legit, research-backed information to go along with it. But you’re also overwhelmed with the misinformation, confusion, and d-r-a-m-a out there, am I right? (Right there with ya.)

Yeah, you’ll like this crew.

My name is Tara Wagner, and this handsome fella you see is my sweet hubby, Justin. We are doTERRA Diamonds and we facilitate this oily community of essential oil-lovers and business builders. We’re all about peace, love, and hippie beads over here, with a big side helping of Let’s Get Real and Here’s What ACTUALLY Works. I, and my band of aromatic misfits, help both consumers and business builders rock their oil journey from Day One.


With guidance and community from “I have my first oil kit, now what?” through “Hey, my peeps keep wanting to buy my oils; can I sell these things?” all the way to “I had no idea this could replace my income! WHOA!” we help our members – both personal and professional – learn everything they need to know about oil usage, precautions, rules, regulations, and yes, even effective strategies to build a natural wellness business that a) doesn’t turn off their friends and family, b) is something you love to do, and c) actually pays your bills (and then some!). Yup, it’s a pretty sweet gig and there’s always room for more at this party.


How did I get started in all this?

Noooooooow, this is a story all about how, my life got flipped, turned upside down.

(Now that that’s stuck in your head….)

I was introduced to essential oils way back in 2000 as a (then) Licensed Massage Therapist. I’ll be blunt; I wasn’t impressed back in the day. I didn’t see any real benefits and I saw a whole lot I didn’t like, so I stuck to other things (like herbs) for 12 years. Then in January 2012, while working as a life coach and green living educator, a client and friend introduced me to doTERRA essential oils, and quite adamantly insisted I had to give these oils a try. I was beyond skeptical; in fact, I think I only said I’d try them so she’d leave me alone! (Nothing like eating your words.) I was so. blown. away. by the potency and power of these oils I spent countless hours pouring over everything I could find to learn more about doTERRA’s quality and why-in-the-world-were-THESE-oils-so-different. I also delved into the company, literally trying to find something that would turn me away from them. I was trying to convince myself not to get involved, because, well…”I’m not a salesperson” and “I totally hate MLMs” and “I’m not even sure this isn’t all placebo” and I knew if I started using these oils I wouldn’t be able to NOT share them with others. Needless to say, everything I found just further drew me to this company and this business, and before long, much to my own shock and horror, I couldn’t shut up about their essential oils, and their amazing compensation plan, and their integrity and mission, and on and on and on I went.

doTERRA, for me, went from being a power tool for my health to a passion project I shared in a couple hours a week to completely replacing my income and becoming my full-time gig. And most importantly, I found myself just “following the joy”, loving everything about this work so much that I couldn’t stop and wouldn’t stop and won’t stop. So, now here I am…facilitating a community of THOUSANDS and growing, teaching classes, mentoring builders, and helping others as they fall in love with using and/or sharing doTERRA.

I work with everyone from massage therapists, doulas, chiropractors, health coaches, moms and pops, and more, and I am constantly pinching my own arm at how blessed I am to be surrounded with such fun-loving, compassionate, accepting, and hard-working people every day. It’s a charmed life and a smelly job, I tell ya. And I’m more than honored you’re poking around here and getting to know us.

Why? Because community and support matter most in creating better lives; and that’s what we want to offer you.


Together we hope to share what we love and what has made a difference in maintaining our health, home, and personal growth (I’m talking emotions, like whoa) with those who are looking for answers and compliments to the conventional route and seeking complete wellness in their lives.

I hope you’ll signup for one of our free workshops (you’ll also get blog updates and Oil of the Week emails) and learn how you can join us in making a positive impact on your own life and the lives of others with essential oils!


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